Hydroseeding is the most economical and effective method of establishing a lush, green lawn. The hydroseeding process begins by mixing mulch, quality seed, fertilizer, and water in the application tank of the hydroseeding machine. The mixed slurry is then applied as a controlled spray from the tank onto the ground. Unlike hand-sown lawns, which may take half of a day, hydroseeding a lawn can be done in a fraction of the time and leaves your yard an attractive green color.

Hydroseeding yields superior results the first time it is installed, and the seeds are more resistant to external problems because it has been adjusted to its present soil conditions. Additionally, hydroseeded lawns hold moisture better than sod or hand sown lawns, therefore the seeds can germinate quicker. Seed germination typically takes place in just 7 to 10 days, because the mulch fiber can hold up to 10 times its weight in water and keeps the seed moist and hidden from the scorching rays of the sun. Over time, the mulch fibers decompose creating nutrient rich soil for the continued growth of your seeded area. The seed blend can be mixed to your specifications, or we can help devise a blend to fit your site. Hydroseeding includes fewer weed seeds, no layering of soils, greater ability to plant trees and shrubs, and incorporates a tackifying agent that will virtually eliminate erosion.


Hydroseeding is also a great option for seeding natural areas such as prairies or wetlands. Hydroseeders are especially effective at seeding steep slopes, rocky terrain, and other areas where conditions limit walking or driving equipment. Similar to turf seeding, the hydromulch holds seeds in place, helps to retain moisture, and provides protection from erosion.   Hydromulches are usually dyed as a visual aid to allow for even distribution as well. When applied properly, hydroseeding has shown exceptionally high and quick germination rates for flower species in comparison to other seeding methods.