Natural Resources Division

McGinty Bros., Inc. has been performing natural areas installation and management activities for over 30 years. We provide native habitat restoration and management services to private landowners, corporate properties, county forest preserves, conservation districts, park districts, governmental agencies, and many designers and consultants. We provide cost-effective ecologically based solutions to exotic and invasive plant control needs and strive to make areas we manage aesthetically pleasing. Our professionals offer the expertise to assess project needs and design effective treatment plans. With a staff of 35 employees devoted to natural areas projects, McGinty Bros., Inc. is well-suited to handle restoration projects of a variety of sizes and scopes.

McGinty Bros., Inc. provides a variety of services for natural areas restoration and creation including: pre-installation herbicide applications, soil preparation, seeding using a variety of methods (hydroseeding, drill seeding, and broadcast seeding), herbaceous plug planting, shrub and tree planting, selective herbicide applications, and prescribed burning.

McGinty Bros., Inc. manages approximately 100 natural areas projects in a given year, including burning over 400 acres annually. Our methods are ecologically based, but also take into account the needs of each individual project. Below is a description of our various services.

  1. Ecological Restoration

    Ecological restoration is essential to the protection of existing natural areas. Restoration is a complex process that requires planning, implementation, and management. Wetlands that have been filled and drained retain many of their natural characteristics, allowing them to be restored. It involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been degraded and reclaiming their value as vital ecosystems. Like wetlands, uplands have gone through years of overgrowth and abuse turning into thick, invaded and less productive forests and fields in the process losing much of their ecological benefit.

    In order to restore native prairies, wetlands, and woodlands the control of exotic and invasive species is necessary. Employees of McGinty Bros., Inc. are skilled at invasive plant control, treatment, and removal. Our staff includes licensed herbicide applicators, most with bachelor degrees and many holding advanced degrees in natural resource fields. We have a variety of equipment necessary to work on projects, large or small. We can help you create a management plan for your property.

  2. Native Landscaping Services

    A natural area doesn’t need to be hundreds of acres to contribute to the ecological health of an area. Native gardens and bio-swales perform ecosystem services in relation to flooding and water quality. If properly planted with native species they can provide food and fuel for insects, such as Monarch butterflies, and a variety birds, including hummingbirds. McGinty Bros., Inc. has been installing and maintaining high quality residential rain gardens, commercial landscaping, and bio-swales for decades.

  3. Prescribed Burning

    Controlled burning is an effective tool for controlling weedy species and promoting native plants. The timing of the burn will determine what weeds are targeted. It is also a useful technique to manage built up vegetation, improving a site aesthetically as well as ecologically. Our crew members have many years of experience burning safely, efficiently, and with as little disruption to the residents as possible. We have current Illinois Department of Natural Resource licensed burn boss and crew members with S-130/S-190 Basic Wildland Fire Training. No area is too small or large for McGinty Bros., Inc. natural areas professionals, call us at 847-438-5161 to discuss a prescribed burn on your project.

  4. Site Evaluations

    If you are concerned about the appearance or function of a natural area, large or small, contact McGinty Bros., Inc. for a no-obligation, site evaluation and proposal at 847-438-5161.

  5. Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

    Our experiences with shoreline and streambank stabilization include intensive shore armament projects with a-jacks and rip rap installations, as well as riffle construction. McGinty Bros., Inc. has years of experience with a variety of less invasive solutions including: brush mats, coir fiber rolls, deep-rooted native vegetation, live stakes, and vegetated geo-grids