Prarie Seeding

Prairie Seeding and Wildflowers

Prior to European settlement, millions of acres of prairie covered Illinois. Our prairie lands were part of the largest ecosystem in North America, which stretched from Canada to Mexico and from the Rocky Mountains to Indiana. A wealth of diverse species and habitats thrived here. Today, less than one percent of Illinois’ native prairie ecosystem remains. The near elimination of native prairie has inspired many efforts to protect the few remaining parcels.

Prairie and Wildflower installation has become a very popular, cost effective, and low maintenance method to beautify large open areas such as parks, business centers, and highway medians. We can custom create the perfect blend of wildflower and/or prairie seed to best suit the needs of your space.


McGinty Bros., Inc. has more than 30 years of experience in prairie and wildflower seeding and management. We will turn your open space into a beautiful field of prairie grasses and colorful wildflowers.