Projects and Clients

Highlighted Projects

Lincoln Park Zoo (Chicago, IL)

Installed 96,000 native terrestrial and aquatic plugs and goose fence for plug protection. The site is visited by thousands of people annually and is a nice example of an urban, native landscape planting in the heart of Chicago.

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Grand Dominion (Mundelein, IL)

This Pulte Homes development consists of 18 naturalized basins, two Lake County wetland buffers, and two Army Corps of Engineers enhancement wetland buffers. The scope of work included native seeding, plug installation, management of woody and herbaceous invasive species, and prescribed burning.

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Kress Creek Reaches 1-8A (DuPage County, IL)

A previously contaminated river corridor was restored using native seeding, erosion control services, herbaceous plug plantings, tree and shrub installation, and selective herbicide applications.

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Joliet Junior College (Joliet, IL)

The 74 acre site was previously overgrown agricultural lands and oak woodlands/savannah riddled full of buckthorn and honeysuckle. Since the restoration the site has transformed into an open prairie, high quality savannah, and woodland that is readily used as an outdoor classroom and walking trails for students and community members. The tree removal, over seeding, re-sprout treatment, and plantings have really improved the ecological health of the campus.

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority Wetland Mitigation Site (North Chicago, IL)

A wetland mitigation project encompassing 160 acres included selective clearing, control of invasive plant species, prescribed burning and mowing, plug enhancements, seeding, and drain tile removal. The site was an overgrown wetland/prairie complex that has been restored to a high quality savannah, wetland, and prairie site.

Blackberry Creek Wetland Mitigation Site (Elburn, IL)

A 600-acre wetland mitigation site located in Elburn, IL had failed to meet performance standards by a previous contractor. McGinty Brothers was able to correct the wrongs, and the site passed performance standards in two growing seasons achieving an overall FQI of 47.0, a C-Value of 4.5, and a wetness coefficient of -1.5.

Rosewood beach, Millard Park (Highland Park, IL)

The site was formerly a decommissioned sewage treatment plant that was demolished and restoration began recreating a Lake Michigan beach typical of the historical landscape and restoration of an adjacent ravine. This restoration offers the public a place for passive recreation activities year around. McGinty Bros,. Inc provided native plantings, seeding, sand delivery, and erosion control services on this newly developed open space.

Our clients include:

  • Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
  • Illinois Department of Transportation
  • Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Lake County Forest Preserves
  • Lincoln Park Zoo
  • Forest Preserve District of Cook County
  • Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
  • Forest Preserve District of Kane County
  • Forest Preserve District of Will County
  • McHenry County Conservation District
  • Village of Glenview
  • Village of Schaumburg
  • Joliet Junior College
  • Northwestern University
  • Commercial and Residential Developers
  • Homeowner Associations