Tree Care

We serve Residential, Commercial, and Municipal Clientele

Our Certified Arborists are available to give you a full assessment of your trees and shrubs. We offer free estimates to evaluate what is needed to keep them healthy and beautiful. If your trees and shrubs are having difficulties we will create a custom plan to make them healthy. As arborists we always want to help trees survive, sometimes it is not possible and we will recommend removal. Our full service tree care consists of the following services.

Plant Health Care:

If your trees and/or shrubs have an insect or disease problem, our Arborists will create a plant heath care plan to control the problem. We use an integrated approach to controlling pests in landscapes. Most insects and diseases become active based on accumulated temperature (growing degree days) up to a given point in the season. Using this as our gauge, we are able to accurately time our applications in a way that most effectively controls the problem.


This is one of the easiest ways to keep your plants healthy, and is essential in helping bring back struggling plants. You can think of it like taking your vitamins, only it is for your trees and shrubs. A plant that has all of its needed nutrients will be better able to fight off insect and disease infestations. We fertilize trees directly, through deep-root feeding. This way we are increasing nutrient availability to the root structure, this creates a healthier plant overall.

Restoration / Selective Clearing:

We offer restoration/selective clearing for small to large landscapes. If you have a small area of invasive species like buckthorn in your yard or acres, we will work with you to create a plan to eradicate and restore the area.

Mulch Blowing / Mulch Delivery:

We supply several blends of mulch for blowing installation, delivery or pickup (please see Mulch Blowing page for additional details). We make our own product line called McGinty Mulch ‚Äďavailable in different grades:

  • Dark brown, hardwood blend
  • Variety of Colored mulch
  • Certified playground mulch
  • Premium bark mulch

Construction Consultation:

If you are developing land, we can give you a Tree Protection Plan that meets code in your area and includes the following services:

  • Tree inventory
  • Tree protection plan
  • Plant Health Care
  • Root pruning
  • Mulching
  • Fertilization