Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning/Maintenance, Removal and Stump Grinding

Like people, as trees mature they need some direction in order to grow to their full potential. Our Arborists have the knowledge, the skill, and the experience needed to know what branches need to be pruned in order to bring out the full potential of your trees and shrubs. When pruning we look at the safety of the tree or shrub first by removing dead and damaged limbs, we then look for limbs that are hindering the growth of the tree, and complete the work with overall thinning, and clean up as needed.

Unfortunately, on occasion we are forced to remove trees and shrubs. This need can occur for several reasons: the tree may be a danger to a building or roadway, diseased or dead, or an invasive species that needs to be controlled. We are capable of taking on any size removal from simple small removals to extremely technical removals over homes.

REMINDER: Oaks and Elms can ONLY be trimmed while dormant. While winter is a good time to trim all trees, in order to reduce the likelihood of Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm Disease these trees must be trimmed during dormancy. The growing season is still a good time for us to evaluate these trees and prepare for future trimming.

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Benefits of Proper Tree Pruning:

  • Stronger growth habit
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Removal of hazardous branches

Evaluation of Trees

It is important as a home or property owner that you are aware of the aesthetic and monetary value that trees add to your property.


Improves the integrity of specimen trees that may be hazardous or damaged.

Tree Removal

Fully insured and capable of the most difficult removals. Hazardous trees sometimes need to be removed- how to know- if the tree has a target such as a house, deck , fence people and has a weak structure.

Stump Removal

We will grind stumps up to 12” below the original grade and either haul away the debris or leave it for you to use a mulching material.