Discover the Benefits of Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control

After a long winter, we are all looking forward to green lawns and healthy plants popping up as the temperatures turn warmer. Let us remind you that a healthy lawn begins early in the season, before the grass begins to grow. Pre-emergent crabgrass control targets crabgrass before it has a chance to emerge and spoil your beautiful lawn. 

What is Crabgrass?

Crabgrass is a weed common in the Long Grove, Illinois area. It has a different structure and color than the good grass in your lawn, making it painfully obvious when you have a crabgrass problem. This weed spreads quickly as the growing season continues. It will die when winter hits, but the seeds it drops in your lawn will do their best to grow the next year. 

Highland Park, Illinois Lawn Care ServicesHow Does McGinty Bros. Get Rid of Crabgrass?

Our experienced lawn care team uses a pre-emergent crabgrass control application to prevent crabgrass seed from germinating. Rather than kill the plant after it has grown, we take care of it before it has a chance to begin growing. This is why timing is everything! We need to get that pre-emergent crabgrass control herbicide in your lawn early in the spring. Now is the time to act! If you sign up for our lawn care services now, we can get started on time and get your lawn in good shape as it begins to grow.

Pre-emergent herbicides come in two different forms: liquid and granular. The liquid kinds are applied using a sprayer. The granular kinds are applied with a spreader. We often combine the herbicides your lawn needs with fertilizer and apply them simultaneously during the first application in the spring. The pre-emergent herbicide will continue to work over time, but it does deteriorate, which makes it necessary to reapply during the season. We do stress the importance of a well-timed first application to keep your crabgrass population under control.

It is important to water lawns that have just been applied with pre-emergent herbicides. It’s really nice when it rains following our application. This helps the application settle into the soil where it targets the weed seeds. 

Do All Lawns Need Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control?

No, not every lawn is plagued by crabgrass. Crabgrass likes to grow in weak lawns, in sunny, sandy places. The edges of a lawn, along a sidewalk or driveway, are especially susceptible to the weed. If your lawn is lush, healthy, and well-cared for throughout the year, you might not have a problem with crabgrass! 

You should not apply pre-emergent crabgrass control on lawns that have been newly-seeded this spring or last fall. The herbicide will attack the good grass seeds as well as the crabgrass seeds, killing your new lawn. Our professionals will never apply pre-emergent crabgrass control on a newly-seeded lawn.

How Can I Get Signed Up for Professional Lawn Care Services?

Get a start on your beautiful lawn by contacting McGinty Bros. right now. We offer lawn care services for every type of lawn, including residential turf, commercial turf, schools, parks, and more. Our popular 5-Step Lawn Program will take care of all your pre-emergent applications, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides, and whatever else your unique lawn needs to be healthy.

We are proud to serve Long Grove, Illinois and surrounding areas, including Barrington, Hawthorn Woods, Highland Park, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, and North Shore. If you are in our service area, and you need a professional lawn care company to care for your lawn this year, we invite you to find out more about our services. Your lawn will thank you for letting the pros at McGinty Bros. to come over and give it all the good things it needs to be thick, green, and healthy.