Mosquito Control Sprays Allow You to Enjoy Your Backyard During the Summer

Summer is a time for outdoor enjoyment. We look forward to days of grilling in the yard, gardening among the rows of vegetables and flowers, and chatting with friends and family around a backyard fire. Your kids look forward to those endless summer days of running around barefoot in the grass and playing games of baseball, tag, or who can jump the farthest off the swing. What can possibly keep you and your family indoors on a beautiful summer day?

The answer to that is something we tend to forget about over the long winter: mosquitoes. These stinging, pesky insects can breed and multiply right in our own backyards. Fortunately, McGinty Bros. can help you control the mosquito population in your yard, so you can enjoy the summer outside instead of being driven indoors due to clouds of mosquitoes. We service Long Grove, Illinois as well as other parts of our wide service area.

What Kind of Mosquito Control Do We Use?

long-grove-il-mosquito-controlAt McGinty Bros., Inc., we spray a mosquito control application in your yard. This spray comes out as a fine mist, and the tiny droplets attach themselves to the fine hairs on the mosquitoes. Our mosquito control spray kills the insect on contact, but it is also residual, continuing to kill mosquitoes for 2-3 weeks after we spray. Because it is a fine mist, the spray can get into the small spaces between leaves and grass blades that the mosquitoes may be hiding in.

We spray the mosquito control over your lawn, shrubs, small trees, and any other area that may be a mosquito breeding ground. The spray is not harmful to humans. Kids and pets can go out and play on the applied area after the spray has dried, which usually takes two hours. Our mosquito control does kill more than mosquitoes, though. It will also control other nuisance insects, such as ticks, fleas, wasps, and ants.

How often does your yard need to be sprayed?

It’s really up to you. Our professionals can come every month to spray your yard, or we can come every two weeks. The spray kills on contact, and it does a very good job of killing the mosquitoes that are currently in your yard at the time of the spraying. You will see immediate results. The residual effects of the spray depend on the weather conditions, so there are times when it continues to control the mosquito population longer than three weeks, and times when it should be reapplied more often. Rain does not wash away the product.


Other Ways You Can Help Control the Mosquito Population

The McGinty Bros. mosquito control application goes a long way to getting rid of mosquitoes, but here are a few more tips to give you more mosquito-free outdoor times in your yard this summer.

  • Eliminate standing water. Clean out clogged gutters and drain anything in your yard that has standing water in it. These are prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
  • Keep the surface of your garden pond moving. A pump or fountain in a pond will keep the water from becoming stagnant and deter insects from breeding there.
  • Use mosquito repellent. Arm yourself with a good repellent that contains DEET, Picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus. 
  • Cover up exposed skin. The less skin you have exposed, the less places there are for mosquitoes to bite.
  • Attract mosquito predators to your yard. Birds, dragonflies, bats, frogs, and spiders all like to eat mosquitoes. These predators are nature’s mosquito control method!

Contact Us for More Information About Mosquito Control in Your Yard

We are your local lawn & tree care company in the Long Grove, Illinois area, and we understand how bad mosquitoes can be. Not only do they leave an itchy rash, they can also spread diseases. Let us help you enjoy your summer more by spraying your yard for mosquitoes. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our landscape care professionals.